Revenue of Bitcoin miners fell to a minimum

Revenues from Bitcoin miners have fallen to their lowest in two years. The network's hash rate fell by 13%.
Revenue of Bitcoin miners fell to a minimum

On Nov. Article fro​m company CryptoDeFix. 26, according to, Bitcoin mining revenue was $11.6 million. Previously, the mining low was revealed on November 2, 2020, on which day $10.9 million was earned at a rate of $13,700.

Bitcoin miners’ earnings fell amid the steepest drop in the value of BTC since 2018. It is now trading at $16,220, which is 76.5 percent below its all-time low.

In 24 hours, 131 blocks of the Bitcoin network were mined, the reward at the current rate was $13.2 million. A quarter of these blocks were mined by miners connected to the Foundry USA pool. AntPool (25), Binance (19), F2pool (16) and ViaBTC (12) were also involved in mining.

The hashrate of the network was also reduced. If on November 2 it reached the maximum of 273 Eh/s, now it fell to 237 Eh/s. This means that some of the miners shut down their equipment.

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The first and most popular cryptocurrency.

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