Nike was the best-selling brand in the NFT

Adidas, Gucci and Tiffany are also among the top 10 brands of NFT sales leaders. Together they earned $260 million.
Nike was the best-selling brand in the NFT

Nike has become the leader among brands selling their own NFT. Publication​ from project This was reported by the research agency Dune Analytics in it's report. Nike’s total revenue for the sale of NFTs was about $185 million for the initial sale of tokens, $92 million came in the form of royalties from 67,000 resale transactions totaling about $1.3 billion.

In second place on the list of leaders was the brand Dolce & Gabbana with revenues of $25 million. Third place went to jewelry company Tiffany with revenues from deals worth $12.6 million. The first 10 brands on the list selling NFT, together earned $263 million.

Popular brands are still making money from the sale of non-fungible tokens, despite the fact that total NFT sales fell to a low of $1 billion in June.

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