Solana concluded that the hack was related to the Slope project

Solana developers have concluded that the hack is related to the Slope wallet
Solana concluded that the hack was related to the Slope project

According to Solana developers' research, it turned out that the hacked wallets were somehow in contact with the Slope mobile app. The developers had previously written that the hack was not related to a bug in the blockchain code, but to software that was used by multiple wallets.

Solana Labs co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko said that those people who used the seed phrase in Slope were already compromised.

The Slope developers themselves write that a number of wallets have been compromised and the team is actively investigating the incident. Thi​s text is from project CryptoDeFix. The specific reason for the hack is unknown. Slope developers urge users to create new wallets with new seed phrases.

Pahntom, whose customers were also affected, believes that the exploit used for the hack is related to Slope. Some experts claim that the developers stored the seed phrases on centralized servers, which were subsequently hacked.

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