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A mobile wallet for cryptocurrencies, which was created for the purpose of simple storage and reliable protection of assets.

Cobo description

Cobo Wallet is the first wallet in the world to offer various staking rewards for placing bets, supports over 30 coins and 700 tokens, and also has a DApp store integration. With Cobo Wallet, users have the opportunity to increase their digital funds.

Cobo Wallet uses encryption methods similar to banking, thus providing the highest level of security. Also, operations are confirmed by several signatures. This​ is a publication from catalogue cryptodefix. Digital money is stored in hot and cold wallets.

The mobile app has more than 1,000,000 users worldwide, supporting iOS and Android operating systems. Cobo Wallet uses a cloud wallet to make it convenient for users to invest their income, make money on their digital assets, and make transfers between any Cobo wallet users. Assets are distributed in such a way as to minimize any risks. The system also supports two-factor authentication, text notifications, payment codes and logins, all of which provide the best security for users' cryptocurrency assets. With the help of the mobile app, users can invest their digital assets, and receive payments for the money they hold. And all this in one mobile app with a simple and intuitive interface. Cobo Wallet assumes an explosion function when an attack is attempted by fraudsters, that is, all information is erased so that fraudsters do not have the opportunity to get even partial information of your data.

Cobo features

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Type: Mobile walletMobile applications for storing cryptocurrency. 0
Check out Support for multiple cryptocurrencies Maintaining not only bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies 0
Check out Support for transactions between different cryptocurrencies Currency exchange 0
No Fee availability 0
No Wallet freeze Temporary blocking of the wallet by the user 0
No Extra protection 0
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