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An Ethereum-based crypto wallet with the ability to store both cryptocurrency tokens and Dapps.

Argent description

Argent is a mobile decentralized cryptocurrency wallet for storing assets and tokens of Dapps. Argent allows users to store assets, trade them on the exchange, invest and swap. The wallet is highly secure and has a simple user interface.

The security of the wallet in Argent is achieved with the Guardians feature. Guardians are third parties registered in the app or third-party programs to authenticate the user’s identity, which will help block the wallet or freeze the funds available on it in case of need. An additional way to protect your wallet from hacking is to set a daily limit on transactions.This can help prevent a large amount of assets from being stolen from the wallet at one time.

In Argent, users can not only store assets, but also manage them. Article fr​om site CryptoDeFix. This can include transferring funds to other wallet accounts, swapping existing assets, buying and selling DeFi application assets and tokens, and more. Also by connecting the wallet to Aave or Compound the user can earn up to 20% from the invested assets.

Characteristics of Argent

  • Additional purse protection
  • Account freezing option
  • No transaction fee for gas
  • Integrated exchanges
  • Dapps token purchase
  • Token Swap

Argent features

Crypto wallets

Type: Mobile walletMobile applications for storing cryptocurrency. 0
Check out Support for multiple cryptocurrencies Maintaining not only bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies 0
Check out Support for transactions between different cryptocurrencies Currency exchange 0
No Fee availability 0
Check out Wallet freeze Temporary blocking of the wallet by the user 0
Check out Extra protection 0
Check out Buying/selling cryptocurrency 0

DeFi Projects

Blockchain types: Ethereum 0

Asset Management Tools

Check out Buy and selling assets Ability to buy or sell cryptocurrency or DeFi assets 0
No Real time charts Real-time viewing of asset values 0
Check out Setting limits Setting trading limits for DeFi assets 0
Check out Wire transfers Withdrawal and deposit of bank funds 0
No Multi-account support 0
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