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A decentralized protocol that allows users to borrow and lend cryptocurrencies without the participation of intermediaries.

Compound description

This is one of the most effective ways to put your own investments into circulation to make a profit or to borrow any amount without the participation of banks.

The work of the platform differs from the work of other types of credit organizations on the market. The lender lends money to the liquidity pool, instead of giving it to the borrower. Other users of the system borrow money from this pool. The pool automatically compares borrowers and distributes interest rates between them. As soon as a user of the system or the application allocates funds for use, interest income begins to flow. Bets change every fifteen seconds. Users can withdraw their own funds, already with interest income at any time without any penalties for this.

As for security, Compound Finance is one of the most reliable DeFi projects of our time. Security audits are regularly conducted to prevent the possibility of hacking. Infor​mation material from company cryptodefix. In a critical situation, insurance payments are provided for users.

Characteristics of Compound Finance:

  • Interest rates for loans and deposits are determined by algorithms, which in turn automatically analyze the current supply and demand.
  • Interest is charged to lenders every fifteen seconds.
  • There are no restrictions on the minimum amounts for both lending and depositing.
  • Users do not need to go through AML or KYC.
  • It is possible to withdraw funds with interest at any time without penalties.

Compound features

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The use of the DeFi Convention as a combination involves the risk of cancellation if the acquired property is beyond the scope of the Convention. However, there can be various dangers, such as the prophets who inform the latter, who believe that there are comprehensible shortcomings that make up the convention, but they believe that a complex issue always examines itself and its code.

• Offers apparatuses like expense mini-computers.

• Allows you to follow wallets.

• Composite administration the executives.

• Its foundation is dynamic and effectively open.

• Security review through: OpenZeppelin and Trail of Bits.

• Formal approval of foundation.

• Evaluation of market monetary danger.