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A decentralized platform for earning money on the Ethereum blockchain. description (formerly Oasis App) is a decentralized Ethereum blockchain app for borrowing. presents an interface for Maker Protocol management, thanks to which it allows to create non-castodial vaults. The app can work with more than 30 cryptocurrencies. The project began its existence in 2019.

To work with Summer, the user needs to connect a Web3 wallet, with the Ethereum network connected. contains two products - a borrowing option and DAI storage. The Dai Wallet gives access to the DAI savings rate, as well as the ability to purchase the token with a debit or credit card. In addition to buying DAI, users can purchase and store other cryptocurrencies such as WBTC, ETH and others. By holding tokens, users earn additional income.

The Summer Borrow feature allows users to create a DAI by locking in their preferred asset as collateral. More than 30 tokens are available for users to use. T​his is an article from company CryptoDeFix. Summer Borrow allows you to open a Maker Vault, contribute assets for lending and DAI generation. Summer also has a Multiply feature that allows you to reduce the amount of risk on the collateral asset by adding additional assets. specifics

  • Vault for assets and passive income
  • Lending
  • DAI Wallet
  • Multiply
  • Support for 32 assets features

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