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A decentralized platform for earning money on the Ethereum blockchain. description (formerly Oasis App) is a decentralized Ethereum blockchain app for borrowing. presents an interface for Maker Protocol management, thanks to which it allows to create non-castodial vaults. The app can work with more than 30 cryptocurrencies. The project began its existence in 2019.

To work with Summer, the user needs to connect a Web3 wallet, with the Ethereum network connected. contains two products - a borrowing option and DAI storage. The Dai Wallet gives access to the DAI savings rate, as well as the ability to purchase the token with a debit or credit card. In addition to buying DAI, users can purchase and store other cryptocurrencies such as WBTC, ETH and others. Article from ​company cryptodefix. By holding tokens, users earn additional income.

The Summer Borrow feature allows users to create a DAI by locking in their preferred asset as collateral. More than 30 tokens are available for users to use. Summer Borrow allows you to open a Maker Vault, contribute assets for lending and DAI generation. Summer also has a Multiply feature that allows you to reduce the amount of risk on the collateral asset by adding additional assets. specifics

  • Vault for assets and passive income
  • Lending
  • DAI Wallet
  • Multiply
  • Support for 32 assets features

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