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A cryptocurrency lending platform. Provides an opportunity to receive passive income from your own cryptocurrency, as well as take out loans in cryptocurrency.

MyConstant description

Through MyConstant, the user can take out a loan, for this he only needs to create an application with suitable conditions and wait for responses. Because of the large number of users, applications are processed within a few minutes, and the terms of the transaction are set by the platform users themselves.

Loans are available in Bitcoin, Ethereum, KuCoin Shares, Ripple or Binance Coin secured, stablecoins, fiat. The loan is protected by insurance because it is in the BitGo wallet. It is also possible to repay the loan in a convenient schedule and in any currency, even different from the currency of the loan. MyConstant accepts over 60 different tokens and cryptocurrencies as pledge. The loan must be repaid within a period of 1 to 9 months. To do this, the user only needs to top up the account, and the system will automatically deduct the required amount. No commission is charged for deposits and withdrawals. If the loan was not repaid on time, then the pledge is automatically sold and pays for the loan repayment.

Pledges and investments are reliably protected thanks to Ethereum smart contracts. There is a possibility of inverting at interest in Flex, Custom, staking and classic in cryptocurrencies. After the loan is issued, investors do not have the opportunity to withdraw money. Each of the methods offers different conditions. Information from​ company CryptoDeFix. Investors are guaranteed to receive income, regardless of the repayment of loans by borrowers.

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