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A tool for buying and managing available decentralized assets.

TokenSets description

TokenSets is a tool for managing assets and making strategies for buying DeFi assets. The tool is based on Ethereum and Polygon blockchain. Using the TokenSets interface, users can invest existing assets, manage and create new Sets.

TokenSets allows users to buy strategy enabled tokens (Strategy Enable Token — SET). Such tokens allow you to manage a portfolio of assets without having to implement a trading strategy manually. This allows for automated trading in markets. Each SET is an ERC20 token that has a built-in strategy to automatically rebalance assets.

Sets allow to follow the experience of professional traders while using ready-made trading strategies. There are two types of Sets: Robo Sets and Social Trading Sets. Robo Sets are algorithmic trading strategies created based on the rules of smart contracts. These sets sell and buy assets using 4 strategies: buy and hold, trend trading, range limiting and inversion. Public Trading Sets are sets of experienced traders posted on TokenSets that users can follow. Article from site cry​ptodefix. If desired, the user can create and publish his own strategy on TokenSets.

TokenSets characteristics

  • Buy and sell Sets
  • Sets explorer
  • Additional earnings through integration with Aave and Compound
  • Asset management
  • Low fees - 0.10%
  • Custom Set Creation

TokenSets features

DeFi Projects

Blockchain types: Ethereum, Polygon 0

Asset Management Tools

Check out Buy and selling assets Ability to buy or sell cryptocurrency or DeFi assets 0
Check out Real time charts Real-time viewing of asset values 0
Check out Setting limits Setting trading limits for DeFi assets 0
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TokenSets is rather good


Tokensets is a perfection developed as a result of a multifaceted phase, but with the best advice available in an enterprise that has paved the way for a strong business world. In addition, there is a complete order of notes for trade.The exchange has a low fee structure and also a very nice trading environment. The registration process ain't difficult. The only downside is the low trading volume which has equally affected the liquidity. The customer support management of the exchange is highly responsive coupled with a good tracing interface. Also this exchange is highly liquid and has an impressive value of the trading volume.