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An Ethereum wallet that is linked to a bank account.

Dharma description

The app is a blockchain-based lending platform with cryptocurrency support. It makes the lending process an innovative tool to facilitate peer-to-peer lending.

By downloading the app, the user will be able to:

  • Buy and sell over 2000 tokens at Uniswap.
  • Earn interest in Compound, Aave and Yearn.
  • Invest in Ethereum protocols.

The wallet is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Users will have access to a portfolio graph and real-time asset value tracking. This iā€‹s an article from project CryptoDeFix. Also, it is possible to set up notifications when the prices of tokens will change in order not to miss the chances of profitable purchases and sales. For the same reason, limit orders were created. With their help, a user can set a certain price at which he/she wants to sell or purchase an asset. As soon as the price becomes equal to the one that the user has previously set, the transaction will be executed, even without the user's participation in it.

Users can trade up to $ 25,000 per week, however for those who may not be enough, Dharma supports bank transfer functionality in sixteen states of the United States of America. The platform uses an open SDK that connects to any Ethereum protocol. Also, it is possible to download a mobile app, the generative interface of the program is convenient and easy to use. Dharma is supported by companies such as Combinator, Poly Chain, Aave, Compound Labs, Coinbase and Yearn.finance, etc.

Dharma features

Crypto wallets

Type: Mobile walletMobile applications for storing cryptocurrency. 0
Check out Support for multiple cryptocurrencies Maintaining not only bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies 0
Check out Support for transactions between different cryptocurrencies Currency exchange 0
Check out Fee availability 0
Check out Buying/selling cryptocurrency 0

DeFi Projects

Blockchain types: Ethereum 0

Asset Management Tools

Check out Buy and selling assets Ability to buy or sell cryptocurrency or DeFi assets 0
Check out Real time charts Real-time viewing of asset values 0
No Setting limits Setting trading limits for DeFi assets 0
No Wire transfers Withdrawal and deposit of bank funds 0
No Multi-account support 0
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