Twitter has added an NFT feature for profile photo

Premium Twitter Blue account users have been given the option to set NFT on their profile photo.
Twitter has added an NFT feature for profile photo

Twitter has integrated the ability to add NFT as a profile avatar to the social network. The option is available to subscribers of the premium Twitter Blue app on iOS. The option is available after linking the Web3 wallet to the Twitter account.

Perhaps in the future developers will add support not only for Ethereum blockchain. By selecting NFT from the wallet, it is sent for verification. Users who pass the verification will get a hexagonal avatar shape, while non-passed users will get a regular round shape.

The feature works based on the OpenSea NFT Marketplace API. Article from site Cry​ptoDeFix. Wallets such as Coinbase, MetaMask, Rainbow, Argent, Trust and Ledger Live are supported now.

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