Hackers stole users’ crypto wallet data with video games

Hackers used a Trojan virus to steal user crypto wallet data with bitcoins.
Hackers stole users’ crypto wallet data with video games

The Swarez virus, which was discovered by Kaspersky Lab experts, is capable of stealing data of gamers’ cryptocurrency wallets. The peak of the virus activity was in the spring of 2021, the hackers used such games as Among Us, CS:GO, FIFA 21, Minecraft and others as bait. The virus activity was detected in 45 countries.

It works under the following scenario: a user downloads a game archive containing Swarez, which can only be opened with a key. This information is from proj​ect CryptoDeFix. After opening the archive, the user activated the virus, which launched the Trojan. It is able to steal site cookies, saved passwords, text documents and more. In order for users to avoid getting infected by the virus, it is necessary to download games only from official sites.

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