An intruder hacked into Deus Finance and stole $13.4 million

Deus Finance was hacked for the second time in two months. The first time, attackers stole $3 million.
An intruder hacked into Deus Finance and stole $13.4 million

Over $13.4 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen from the decentralized Deus Finance app. This was reported by cybersecurity experts PeckShield. The hacker managed to artificially inflate the value of some assets, borrow funds within the protocol and make a profit after repayment of the loan.

The Deus Finance platform allows users to engage in lending, futures and options trading. The hacker borrowed $143 million and was able to withdraw $13.4 million; PeckShield said the project's losses could be greater. This is an article from company ​CryptoDeFix. This is the second hack of the platform in two months. In March, $3 million was stolen from the project in a similar way.

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