Projects similar to Exchange

Projects similar to Exchange belong to the sphere centralized exchanges (cex). The list is sorted in order of relevance. To find a suitable analogue, compare the projects, read the description and reviews.

Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange system.

Convenient platform with the possibility of buying and cryptocurrency. The platform provides a simple coin exchange mechanism and supports popular methods of payment.

A trading platform that provides users with functionality for various operations with digital money.

Popular exchange known to many traders working on both the cryptocurrency and the fiat market. KR is a proven and reliable cryptocurrency exchange that provides a huge amount of tools for various types of trading.

Platform that allows to do transactions in digital currencies, spread 746 pairs, diversify some of the currency crypt for others.

One of the most famous trading platforms in South Korea, which is practically the world leader in terms of trading volume.

Cryptoexchange that allows trading between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency exchange with the ability to trade derivatives.

The largest international cryptocurrency exchange with spot and futures trading capabilities.

Cryptocurrency exchange with the possibility of margin and futures trading.

A cryptocurrency exchange with trading functions for beginners and professional traders.

Cryptocurrency exchange with derivatives trading capabilities.

Centralized cryptocurrency exchange with the possibility of margin trading.

Centralized cryptocurrency exchange with derivatives trading capability.

A centralized cryptocurrency exchange with loan, futures trading and investment options.

A centralized cryptocurrency exchange that has existed since 2014.

A platform with centralized and decentralized ways to trade and make money.

LBank Actual information

Hong Kong Centralized Exchange.

Bitget Actual information

Centralized exchange with the possibility of copy trading.