WOO Network

by Wootech Limited
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A platform with centralized and decentralized ways to trade and make money.

WOO Network description

WOO Network is a highly liquid platform for trading on centralized and decentralized exchanges. At WOO Network, users can buy and trade cryptocurrencies and engage in staking. The platform launched in 2019.

WOO X is a centralized trading platform with almost zero fees, providing investors with high liquidity. This is an a​rticle from site cryptodefix. There is virtually no slippage for large orders on the exchange. WOO X’s liquidity is provided by traders, exchanges, professional liquidity providers and market makers. The main liquidity provider for WOO X is the market-maker Kronos Research. The peculiarity of exchange is personalization of workspace, users can resize widgets, add graphical tools etc.

WOOFi is a decentralized platform with an automated market maker on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The platform allows exchanging pairs of tokens in liquidity pools, and uses the Synthetic Proactive Market Making model for the exchange. It is more like a CEX order book and uses oracles of market data to form the transaction price. In addition to token swap, WOOFi has WOO’s native token staking, which is also used in management (DAO) and liquidity provisioning.

WOO Network specifics

  • Spot and futures trading in WOO X
  • Customizable trading terminal interface
  • Low fees
  • Token Swap
  • Staking and farming
  • Internal WOO token

WOO Network features


Forms of trade: Futures trading, Margin trading 1
Check out Transaction protection Protection of transactions from scam and other types of incorrect actions 1
No Currency converter Currency converter integrated into the exchange 0
No Listing Ability to place your own cryptoservices on the exchange 0
Number of assets: 85 0
Cryptocurrency pairs: 93 0

Centralized exchanges (CEX)

Deposit methods: Bank card, Cryptowallet 0
Trade types: Spot, Margin 0
Minimal fee: 0 0
Check out Cryptocurrency exchange 0
Check out Staking 0
Check out Lending 0
Check out Liquidity pools 0

Decentralized exchanges (DEX)

Check out SWAP 0
Check out Liquidity pools 0
Check out Liquidity farm 0
Minimum fees: 0 0
Check out Staking 0
No Borrowing 0
No Lending 0
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