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A decentralized exchange working on the Binance Smart Chain network.

ApeSwap description

ApeSwap is a decentralized crypto exchange operating on the blockchain of Binance and Polygon. The exchange began operating in early 2020. On ApeSwap, users can buy and sell digital assets, earn through staking or liquidity pools, and participate in Initial Ape Offerings (IAOs).

To interact with the exchange, users need to connect a web3 wallet. Fees for transactions in ApeSwap are no more than 0.2%. Trading in ApeSwap allows you to exchange some tokens for others in a special terminal. The exchange has its own BANANA token, which is needed for most transactions: liquidity pools, staking and for Yield Farming. ApeSwap also has sweepstakes every day.

At ApeSwap the user has the opportunity to invest in projects with Initial Ape Offerings, these are NFT games. The exchange has been audited by several companies who confirmed its safety. This info​rmation is from project CryptoDeFix. Since the exchange has not existed long, it is constantly updated and acquires new features.

Specifics of ApeSwap

  • Token Swap
  • Participation in liquidity pools
  • Staking
  • Yield Farming
  • Investment opportunity
  • Fees up to 0.2%

ApeSwap features


Forms of trade: Futures trading, Margin trading, Spot trading 1
Check out Transaction protection Protection of transactions from scam and other types of incorrect actions 1
Check out Currency converter Currency converter integrated into the exchange 0
Check out Listing Ability to place your own cryptoservices on the exchange 0
Number of assets: 224 0
Cryptocurrency pairs: 510 0

Decentralized exchanges (DEX)

Check out SWAP 0
Check out Liquidity pools 0
Check out Liquidity farm 0
Minimum fees: 0.2 0
Check out Staking 0
No Borrowing 0
No Lending 0
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