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Decentralized exchanges with stablecoin trading based on Ethereum

Curve description

Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain. Curve allows users to exchange cryptocurrency, participate in liquidity pools, sell and buy tokens, and engage in staking. The exchange has its own CRV token, which is used in DAO and to stimulate liquidity pools. The exchange was launched in January 2020.

To work with Curve, the user needs to connect a web3 wallet. This is a pub​lication from project CryptoDeFix. The peculiarity of the exchange is to work with stabelcoins, because transactions have low fees and low slippage. All transactions and pools on Curve are linked to stablecoins. In addition to participating in pools, Curve users can exchange stablecoins, do native token stacking, and participate in DAOs.

The Curve Finance exchange has two native tokens that are intended for different purposes. The CRV token is used by users to participate in votes about the future of the exchange, such as the amount of fees. The CRV token is also used in staking, and there are also 3CRV tokens used for liquidity. If a user locks CRV in Curve Finance’s protocols, they can increase revenue by 2.5 times. For long-term blocking, CRV tokens are converted to veCRV.

Specifics of Curve Finance

  • Participating in pools with stablecoins
  • Staking
  • Curve DAO
  • Own CRV token
  • Stavlecoins exchange
  • Low fees

Curve features


Forms of trade: Spot trading 1
Check out Transaction protection Protection of transactions from scam and other types of incorrect actions 1
Check out Currency converter Currency converter integrated into the exchange 0
No Listing Ability to place your own cryptoservices on the exchange 0
Number of assets: 25 0
Cryptocurrency pairs: 53 0

Decentralized exchanges (DEX)

Check out SWAP 0
Check out Liquidity pools 0
No Liquidity farm 0
Minimum fees: 1.5 0
Check out Staking 0
No Borrowing 0
No Lending 0
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