A hacker recovered $7.9 million in cryptocurrency for Crema Finance

An attacker who hacked the Crema Finance project returned $7.9 million to the developers. Under the contract, he received $1.65 million.
A hacker recovered $7.9 million in cryptocurrency for Crema Finance

The attacker who stole cryptocurrency from the Crema Finance protocol returned most of the funds. The hacker transferred 6,000 ETH ($7 million) and 24,000 SOL ($870,000) to the project developers’ wallets in four transactions. In return, he kept 45.5 thousand SOL ($1.6 million).

Crema Finance representatives called the hacker a “White Hat”. This is usually a nickname for ethical hackers who help fix bugs in systems. It turns out that the project will not sue the hacker. This is an article from community Crypto​DeFix.

The Crema Finance project was hacked on July 3. The developers managed to identify the hacker's address, after which they contacted him. Initially it was offered to give back what was stolen for $800 thousand, but the fraudster didn’t agree, after that the amount was doubled.

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