Waves Exchange

by WX Development Ltd.
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Centralized cryptocurrency exchange with DeFi features.

Waves Exchange description

Waves Exchange is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Thi​s text is from project CryptoDeFix. In Waves Exchange users can trade tokens, participate in liquidity pools, staking. The exchange uses the Neutrino Protocol, which is used to create stackablecoins tied to real assets. The platform came into existence in 2017.

To use the platform, users need to register. This can be done in three ways:

  1. Register using email.
  2. Use Ledger or Waves Keeper.
  3. Create an account using a Seed phrase, Keystore File or a private key.

The platform offers users 3 main opportunities to make money. These are spot trading, participation in liquidity pools and staking. There are 68 currency pairs available for users to trade. While Waves is a DEX, it is traded on the CEX spot trading terminal. Users can use two types of orders: limit and market. There is also a terminal AMM for simplified trading.

The exchange uses the internal token WAVES and others for staking, the user needs to deposit the desired amount. Each offer has an APY available for viewing. The liquidity pools use the Neutrino token (USDN), investors receive a staking fee and a portion from the commissions for converting stabelcoins.

Waves Exchange specifics

  • Exchanging tokens in the spot trading terminal and Swap
  • Participation in liquidity pools with Neutrino
  • Different token staking
  • Low fees
  • Mobile and desktop applications

Waves Exchange features


Forms of trade: Spot trading 1
Check out Transaction protection Protection of transactions from scam and other types of incorrect actions 1
No Currency converter Currency converter integrated into the exchange 0
No Listing Ability to place your own cryptoservices on the exchange 0
Cryptocurrency pairs: 68 0

Decentralized exchanges (DEX)

Check out SWAP 0
Check out Liquidity pools 0
No Liquidity farm 0
Minimum fees: 0 0
Check out Staking 0
No Borrowing 0
No Lending 0
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