In the metaverse, the land would be sold for $5 million

The deal to sell the virtual land will take place as part of a strategic partnership between Curzio Research and the developers of TCG World.
In the metaverse, the land would be sold for $5 million

Curzio Research intends to buy 19 properties in the TCG World metaverse for $5 million. It will be the largest deal in the history of the metaverses so far. Curzio will raise $4 million to finance the purchase.

The companies have announced a strategic partnership. Curzio Research will be headquartered in TCG World’s Asian region, near the Reddit WallStreetBets property.

The space, owned by Curio Research, will allow VIPs to meet with investors, participate in virtual events, conferences, consume exclusive content and build an investor community. The headquarters at TCG World will be built in September 2022. This t​ext is from platform cryptodefix.

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