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An Ethereum-based protocol for options trading.

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Hegic description

The platform now provides trading in WBTC and ETH options. In this way, asset owners have the ability to secure and deposit existing assets in order to receive rewards. This is a text from project cryptod​efix.com. The platform is developing every day, adding more solutions that are tested and installed.

In order to purchase an option on the platform, investors need to pay for the premium, the price of which prevails. In order to sell options, users need to deposit their funds into the ETH pool by selling calls or DAI by selling puts.

Hegic does not use European options, but American ones, which are the most flexible in the execution of contracts, that is, there is no need to wait for the expiration of any contract, they can be executed at any time. Also, sellers are paid a higher premium due to this.

Hegic is suitable even for novice users, as it is quite easy to use. The trader can choose the strike price, one of the various five expiration dates, as well as other important variables.

The team behind the development of the protocol is anonymous. Therefore, there is no single point of hacker attack on it, which indicates a good level of platform security.

Hegic calculates fees for settlements such as options exchanges in ETH and WBCT. A commission is paid for each purchase of an option contract. Users can buy tokens and activate their lot, with which they receive a reward for placing.

Advantages of Hegic:

  • The platform uses flexible American options.
  • Payment of high premiums.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Reliable security system.

Hegic features

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