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An index that reflects the effectiveness of assets in the field of decentralized finance.

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DefiPulse Index description

Its components are eleven DeFi tokens based on the Ethereum protocol. They were selected depending on the amount of blocked funds in smart contracts. DeFi Pulse Index was launched jointly with DeFi Pulse and Set Labs.

DeFi Pulse Index tracks the effectiveness of tokens such as Uniswap, Aave Token, Maker, Synthetix Network Token, Compound, Ren VM, Loopring,, Balancer, Augur, Kyber Network. Information material from community crypto​defix. The platform uses a circulating supply of tokens in order to determine the number of tokens that should be in the set. The platform uses CoinGecko for the most accurate calculation of all stocks.

The DeFi Pulse Index platform index consists of four different criteria. One dimension evaluates the characteristics of the project, the other evaluates the characteristics of the protocol, the last two are engaged in evaluating the characteristics of the token. The basis for the selection of tokens that will be displayed in the index will be the above criteria.

Further, the platform experts evaluate the token offers in the future, blocking or other token schemes that may harm the holders of liabilities. The influence of the token is also considered, the launch time of the token, its consistency, breadth of use, etc. are estimated.

An important step is the assessment of the security of the protocols. Tokens must have liquidity on trading platforms, as well as use advanced security technologies. The index is supported in two important stages. First, the circulating supply is determined, tokens for deletion or addition are formed by the third week of the month. After the completion of this phase, all components of the index are adjusted, added or removed.

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