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A blockchain based platform used for valuation and microlending.

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Colendi description

With the help of Colendi, users can buy products by installments in real time, take microloans for their needs, and also increase customer confidence to grow their business.

Colendi uses machine learning algorithms, thanks to a decentralized structure. This enables the collection and processing of digital user data - from social media to smartphone data. Colendi provides a new level of financial technologies, through fraud detection functions.

The platform is compatible with banking requirements and traditional financing. The system also provides many solutions in the financial field using API services. Colendi offers many solutions for business.

The platform has made the lending process digital. Customers are offered instant loans with optimized rates. Publication fro​m company cryptodefix. Traditional credit bureaus rely only on a customer's credit history for assessing, while Colendi evaluates all digital information about a user. The system also supports the screening of points. This can be used as a criterion for the reliability of customers.

As for financial transactions, they have become more convenient than ever. Customers can receive money, pay and transfer money in one place. A user can also use Colendi for personal purposes. For example, using a platform to pay for a loan in a retail network. It is possible to use the Pay system integrated with Colendi. Users can shop and pay with their Colendi card worldwide.

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