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A blockchain based credit scoring and secure identification platform.

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Users of the platform have ownership of financial and personal data. Bloom enables lenders to serve people without a bank account or credit rating. Bloom has a decentralized way of transferring platform data, which significantly reduces the risks of personal data leakage, as well as reduces the cost of connecting customers with the same level of security.

Bloom offers solutions to companies as well as developers and consumers. As a corporate solution, the platform offers a validator that provides data for the most detailed verification of its customers and protection of data from fraud. The user can connect to existing Saas products for integrated validations and easier management of their own data.

Developers have access to the latest SSI features, tools for working with open source data, and much more. They have the ability to integrate the SDK into their apps for fast performance. Consumers can protect their personal data and loans from hacking absolutely free of charge. They also have access to an indicator that detects fraud attempts, and the function of notifying about credit changes.

The company’s partners are Self Lender, BlockFi, ETHLend, Twilio, Jumio and other leading companies in the market. This information is from c​ommunity CryptoDeFix. The latest identification technologies used by Bloom help to change the ways of data management, making methods more secure. Bloom also helps to reduce the influence of intermediaries for maximum benefit and reliability of customers and companies.

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The Bloom Project, in view of the excellent interest for credit administrations in the research, has created a framework that allows any client to advance or borrow from various clients in the form of protection, taking into account the Bloom Project conventions.Its services are qualified for various types of consumers in the market.

It has several protocols and levels of security for loan services.

It has a system of validators that back up user data.

The interface section has a great design and excellent distribution of its functions in the interface.

Extensive various open source tools for developers.

There are several competitors in the market.

The economy of the BLT token is very decreasing in the market which seriously affects the Bloom ecosystem given its great utility in its services.