Crypto project reviews Theta

The best Theta in the world



Viewers are rewarded for watching videos and Ads on Theta

Being a blockchain project Theta holds a lot of potentials and value

It delivers quality video/images to viewers.

It has a very balanced wallet system, allows storage of different types of currencies, and has several payment methods.

It is an ecosystem that has a high level of data processing, and content at a high speed.


Its currency is used as a means of payment with a high presence in the markets, and available in various exchanges.

It is not a completely finished project, there are points in its roadmap that are currently under development, it must invest more in its advertising.

Theta is a customer-centered and creative new blockchain video streaming organization. Theta is the reason for the open-source convention designed to oversee decentralized streaming, and is not centered vertically on top of the stage to allow sports, music, TV / movie footage, schooling, conferences, and sharing.

They ensure video content creators and media companies make greater revenues from their products