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A protocol for real-time finance, based on Ethereum.

Sablier description

Sablier protocol for making streaming payments. The protocol allows payments and withdrawals to be made in real time and in small increments. These types of payments are called streaming payments and can be used to pay by the hour or pay rent.

To use Sablier, the user must connect a web 3 wallet. This is a publication from catalogue cryptodefix.​com. Once the cryptocurrency wallet is connected, the user will be able to log in. In the system, the user will need to select a token to send, enter the amount to be sent, enter the recipient's wallet number, and select the duration of the sending stream. After entering the data, the user will need to confirm the transaction and send the generated link to the person the payment is intended for.

Streaming payments in Sablier allows users to secure their payment, receive it exactly on time and withdraw it at any time. This type of payments is suitable for freelancers, consultants and other hired workers.

Characteristics of Sablier

  • Carrying out streaming transactions
  • Payment interval setting
  • Instant payments and withdrawals
  • Mutual agreement between the sender of funds and the receiver

Sablier features

DeFi Projects

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