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A win-win game based on cryptocurrency.

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PoolTogether description

With Pool Together, users who buy savings tickets get the opportunity to win a weekly prize. Informa​tion material from catalogue CryptoDeFix. But even if the user does not become the winner of the prize, he/she is not a loser, because Pool Together will refund his/her money for the purchase of savings tickets. The prize is funded using a percentage of the purchase of tickets.

How does Pool Together work?

First, platform players buy tickets by transferring cryptocurrency for storage to a smart contract (pool). The cost of the ticket equivalent is one dollar. The client can buy an unlimited number of tickets, and he also has the opportunity to withdraw money at any time. Further, the funds received are sent to finance the DeFi credit platform. Thus, interest is charged on the money for storage for some time.

Winners are randomly selected at the end of each week. The winners receive not only interest on the amount of money, but also their previously purchased tickets. For the rest of the users, only their tickets are returned. Then the game resumes. Also, a big plus is that a ticket from one pool brings income from all deposits.

Pool Together is called the “lossless lottery”. There is an opportunity to get big winnings without the risk of losing your investment. The company was first introduced in 2019, it is a decentralized open source platform as a win-win game.

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