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A blockchain-based platform for creating, issuing and managing digital assets.

Polymath description

The app was created in order for the user to independently digitize securities. The system uses the updated token standard, which makes it possible to operate within the law. Only authorized investors can be a user. People issuing securities, executors of verification procedures, contract developers cooperate on the platform - all this to ensure that assets are created without violating the law.

Thanks to the platform, users can use smart contracts, sell and exchange tokens. With the help of the app, many functions become available for convenient asset management. Also, the legal support of the system helps to simplify the creation of digital securities for your convenience.

The user needs to provide project details as soon as they decide to issue a token. P​ublication from platform CryptoDeFix. Further, the project is assessed from the legal side. Cooperation will be based on a smart contract that developers create on an individual basis. As soon as the legal delegate is designated, the contract is ready and the copies of the documents are sent, the user is able to start trading.

Thanks to an intuitive interface, the process of working with digital assets is simplified as much as possible. Using a token provides security without intermediaries and unnecessary administrative work. Work processes are accelerated and tokenization brings liquidity and efficiency to your assets.

Polymath features

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Polymath is a cryptocurrency platform for generating tokens that do not hold any type of financial value, but they work as part of the security of a platform. In some way, the tokens created here serve as a shield for the networks that they are commanded to bring support.

The project permits to create of different tokens of utility qualities that can be adopted by many companies.

The platform is leading the market thanks to those innovative and unique features that it offers.

There are already many good creations on the platform. There are even some tokens that hold the label of live currencies.

It offers extra solutions for the industrial market. And it has services for providers.

The project has not received updates for a long time. It is standing by waiting for new releases.

Most of the services are still demo ones. They are not complete and have limited resources.