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Centralized exchange with mining and stacking capabilities.

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MEXC description

MEXC is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange with DEX capabilities. On MEXC, users can participate in spot, margin and futures trading, as well as stacking. The exchange is highly popular in Asia and is registered in the Seychelles. MEXC was founded in 2018.

To register with MEXC, a user needs to create an account with an email or cell phone and verify the account. Cryptocurrency on the exchange can be bought for fiat and cryptocurrency. Users can trade 1,278 coins and 1,776 pairs. Fees for transactions on the exchange are 0.2%, also at the withdrawal of funds, depending on the cryptocurrency, certain deductions are charged.

There are 3 types of orders available for spot and margin trading on MEXC: limit, market and trigger. For margin trading, users have access to over 100 pairs, you can trade with a leverage of up to 10x, on the futures with a leverage of up to 20x. Also p2p trading is available on MEXC, users can place or activate existing orders from other users to buy or sell tokens. Publication ​from company The exchange has its own MX token, it helps get holders a discount on trading fees.

Users can also make money on the exchange through decentralized features. The exchange has 2 types of staking: token locking and PoS staking (the user can withdraw tokens at any time). There is also a slot auction where users participate in votes to support new tokens.

MEXC specifics

  • Spot and margin trading
  • Futures trading with up to 20x leverage
  • Fees up to 0.2%
  • Internal MX token
  • Staking and Lending
  • P2P token exchange
  • Buying for Fiat
  • KSM/DOT slot auction

MEXC features


Forms of trade: Futures trading, Margin trading, Spot trading 1
Check out Transaction protection Protection of transactions from scam and other types of incorrect actions 1
No Currency converter Currency converter integrated into the exchange 0
No Listing Ability to place your own cryptoservices on the exchange 0
Number of assets: 1,278 0
Cryptocurrency pairs: 1,776 0
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