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Ethereum staking platform.

Lido description

Lido is a liquid staking platform for Ethereum 2.0 blockchain, which does not require running nodes. The platform allows investing any amount in ETH and receiving stETH tokens in return, which provide liquidity for the investment. This is a publication from project​. The tokens allow you to profit from stacing and add to liquidity pools on third-party platforms. Lido was launched on December 19, 2022.

Lido allows users to block the amount of Ethereum they want in a smart contract, in return they receive a stETH token. The stETH token can be used in other DeFI applications, used in liquidity plans, used as collateral in lending or sold on the market. The token has high liquidity and is a link between Ethereum 1.0 and 2.0. In Lido, funds deposited by users are delegated to large validators, with revenue distributed daily to stETH owners. The fee on the platform is 10% of the income received.

Lido is managed using the DAO system. The organization ensures the regulation of fees, acceptance and updating of improvements. The voting mechanism is also subject to change. LDO token holders participate in the voting, the weight of the holder’s vote is proportional to the assets they have.

Lido specifics

  • Staking of ETH, SOL, LUNA, KSM and MATIC
  • Working in the Ethereum 2.0 network
  • Internal stETH and LDO tokens
  • Fees 10% of remuneration
  • Management with DAO
  • High level security

Lido features

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Staking services

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