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A cryptocurrency platform that makes predictions about certain events.

Augur description

Very often, the opinion of the team turns out to be much more accurate than the calculation of marketers. The platform shows predictions on a topic from cryptocurrencies to politics.

Unlike its competitors, Augur stands out for its functionality and advanced technologies. The platform also pays users whose predictions turned out to be true. At the same time, users can bet on events using confidentiality. Augur is based on Ethereum, which means that it is reliably insured against hackers. Anyone from the network can use the platform using the app. Augur offers two ways to make money: create a prediction market or trade prediction shares.

In order to create a prediction market, the user needs some amount of ETH. The user opens a request and issues shares that will be redeemed by other market participants. It is possible to choose a creator commission to cover the cost of issuing shares. In order to sell the prediction shares, it is enough to choose a topic and buy a certain amount of voting shares. It is possible to make money on resale or get a relatively large profit if the forecast comes true. Augur is already using the Guesser, Veil and BlitzPredict betting services. Data from cata​logue CryptoDeFix. The system is actively expanding and attracting more and more users, while remaining an anonymous platform. It is impossible to publish incorrect results, since more than two hundred oracles monitor the reliability of the information. Augur is distinguished by an unlimited choice of topics and a decentralized management principle.

Augur features

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The Augur network is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and operates according to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) principle. By virtue of the fact that it is an ERC20 token, the REP currency is supported by all Ethereum-compatible wallets. It makes use of Ethereum's smart contracts to offer users with live, p2p, decentralized, transparent, and strong betting platforms that are decentralized, safe, and reliable.

1. Charge low fees,

2. Does not ban winners,

3. Does not delay withdrawals,

4. Does not freeze accounts,

5. It is globally accessible,

6. Protects privacy, and

7. Let’s you sell your bet mid-game.

It's anything but a decentralized organization and self-sufficient administration

Permits clients to get prizes in return for dependable credits.

There are no weaknesses in its utilization.